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A Title Advance report is a comprehensive document provided by a title company that summarizes the state of a property’s title.

It includes information on the property’s:

A Title Advance report is designed to help real estate agents and their clients identify potential title issues early on in the process and take steps to resolve them before the transaction closes. By obtaining a Title Advance report, agents and their clients can ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and that there are no unexpected surprises during the closing process.

Why do You Need A Title Advance℠ Report?

Well, have you ever closed a listing contract, marketed the property, found a buyer, got the property under contract, only to find out that the property is riddled with liens, code violations, or maybe a 2nd mortgage the Buyer “forgot” to tell you about, or other issues?

If this happened to you, Title Advance would have avoided this situation.

Sample Title Advance Report

Title Advance reports are not meant to replace a Title Commitment for your buyers and sellers. Instead, it is meant to be used as a tool during the listing and marketing process.

During Listing

  • Title Advance gives you an edge in getting the listing as you’ll be aware of issues that may come up during the closing process and it helps you determine the listing price.

Marketing Process

  • Use the report to show Buyers that the property is free of code liens, violations and other issues that may slow down the closing or require additional money to close.

Request Title Advance Report

To request a Title Advance Report please go to TitleAdvance.io.