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Because title insurance companies don't exist without realtors, we get it!

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What Makes Us Different

Title Leap® Closing Software

Title Leap is a simple, mobile app that enables realtors to keep track of the closing process,. Eliminating e-mail and phone call follow-ups.

24/7 Attorney Support for Realtors

Get access to expert real estate legal advice when and how you want it. Jim is available via phone or SMS.

5¢/ft Virtual 3D Homes

We have partnered wth Immersive Spaces to provide the most cost advanced and cost effective 3D virtual home tours and plans.

Title Advance™

Title Advance: Boost your listing edge with a fast, no-cost summary title report. Uncover liens, title defects, and judgments for smooth closings!


Send Us a Contract and Get Title Leap®

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Send Us a Contract and Get Title Leap®

Title Leap was designed by realtors and an award wining title agent. The engineers took their list of needs, spent 5 years in development, and built a platform that makes everyone happy and work more efficiently. Title Leap makes buyer and sellers love their realtor, realtors love their title agent, and title agent’s work more efficiently.

Take your business to the next level

Title Advance™

Title Advance is an industry first tool providing a quick, no-cost, summary title report. It gives seller’s agents the edge to win listings, buyer’s agents the tools to only make offers on properties with clean title, and sellers the ability to clear up problems in advance and close on time.

If the Title Advance reveals complications, a “Title Insurance Commitment” is the actual report your title agent will use to close your sale. Think of it like a title road map, or checklist. Having this ahead of time, gives everyone the tools needed to fix the problems without the pressure of a pending closing. You’ll also get a full reimbursement of the cost (typically $175) at closing, and the piece of mind knowing you have a seasoned real estate law firm to plug in if needed.

24/7 Transactional Support

New Path Title is owned by attorney Jim Brown, 40 years in real estate, and available 24/7 to help with any issue Realtors encounter on the road to closing. And if more horsepower is needed, we can plug in James Brown Law, with decades of experience efficiently solving the simplest to the most complicated real estate matters. From contracts to code violations, probates to partitions, leasing to land use, and everything in between, we’ve seen and fixed it all.
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5¢/ft Virtual 3D Homes and $15 Floor Plans

Title Leap is like the best translations coordinator you ever had. Close anywhere in Florida, and Tite Leap will make your buyer/seller love you, and you will love us.

About Us

Title that is realtor centered

New Path Title does not invest big money in sales teams and marketing, we invest in realtors. We recognize the fact that realtors drive the title industry.

We are constantly creating tools to help realtors. We invented Title Leap® to make you more efficient, and give buyers/sellers the best possible closing experience. We partnered with Immersive Spaces to give you affordable Matterport 3d virtual home tours for all your listings at any price point. We have a legal team standing by 24/7 ready to take your call or text. And we will hold your escrow even if New Path is not the closing agent or it’s a rental.

Send us a contract and see the difference having a title company focused on realtors can make.

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Our Partners

We work with select partners to provide you with the most efficient and secure transactions possible. Each of our partners are industry leaders, technology focused, and realtor centered, bringing you pain free closings.