How SB4D Impacts the Florida Real Estate Market


Discover the impact of Florida’s new COA/COOP inspection rules under SB4D on the real estate market. Learn about compliance, liability, and market predictions as we navigate this changing landscape.

How to Stop Foreclosure at the Last Minute

subdividing property in florida

Foreclosures can be an incredibly stressful situation for anyone to find themselves in, but sometimes it can be unavoidable. No one wants to face foreclosure. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they are in danger of foreclosure until it’s too late. But there is still hope! Even at the last minute, there are still ways to […]

Navigating Real Estate Transactions: Real Estate Attorney vs. Title Company

Buying or selling property typically involves different players in the real estate transaction. Two players you’ll often come across are title companies and real estate attorneys. Title companies are firms that do one thing really well: help you confirm and acquire a good title. While real estate attorneys do similar work, they have a broader […]

An Introduction to Digital Closings for Consumers

The home buying process has come a long way in recent years, and the title insurance industry is one of the key players in this transformation. By introducing digital transactions to the traditional closing experience, the industry is making the process more convenient and secure for buyers. One of the most notable changes in this […]

What is a Special Warranty Deed and How is it Used?

what is a warranty deed

A Special Warranty Deed in Florida is a type of deed used in real estate transactions where the grantor (seller) only guarantees that the property being transferred was not encumbered during their ownership. This type of deed provides less protection for the grantee (buyer) than a General Warranty Deed, as it only warrants against defects […]

Listing Appointment Checklist

You’ve cold called your heart out, networked ‘till you dropped, click funneled or Zillowed the bank away, and now you have a listing appointment.  Use the Listing Appointment Checklist below to avoid having your deal fall through. You’ve prepared your 3 M’s: But you are still missing something. Something the real estate industry has overlooked since […]

Seller’s Failure to Disclose Defects

Material defect broken glass

Sellers of residential real estate in Florida are legally required to disclose material defects they actually know about that are not readily observable to a buyer. This article will address what to do when you discover that the seller failed to disclose a material defect in the house you just bought. Defect disclosure obligations for […]

Subdividing Property in Florida

subdividing property in florida

When it comes to Florida real estate, our clients have plenty of questions. One that comes up a lot is how to go about subdividing property. Frankly, it’s not surprising, because the rules and processes vary for each city/county. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about subdividing your South […]

Can I Get A Lien on Someone’s House Who Owes Me Money?

lien on someone's house when someone owes money

Not everyone who owes money pays on that debt. The creditor who is owed the money, whether an individual or a business, may decide to look for ways to ensure repayment of funds. One option may be to place a lien against the debtor’s real property. Getting a Judgment For an unsecured creditor who is […]

Rent vs. Buy: How to Decide What’s Best for You

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median rent continues to rise. With today’s low mortgage rates, there’s a great opportunity for current renters to make a move into homeownership that stretches each dollar a little bit further. While the best timeline to buy a home is different for everyone, the question remains: Should I continue renting or is it time for […]